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posted on 08.04.2021, 10:18 by Francesca Ounsworth, Tim Koder, Paul Farrow, Sarah Sabir, Zoe Watts, Caitlin Edgell

Preprints – versions of manuscripts posted on public servers before formal peer review – are shaking up the world of bioscience publishing, and they have been crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic for sharing results rapidly and widely. However, despite their benefits, the use of preprint servers for sharing pharma-funded research remains low.

To address this issue, we have created a new educational resource that explores how and why preprint servers are a valuable tool for disseminating pharma research. The resource covers:

· the different types of preprint servers available

· the benefits of sharing pharma research before peer review

· the potential risks of sharing pharma research through preprint servers and how to mitigate them.




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